How to start building a wardrobe for men

Nowadays, men buy tons of trendy pieces only for them to go out of fashion within a couple of months and they have to buy a whole other closet because they have nothing else to wear. In this article, I will list the essential items needed to start building a wardrobe for men.

  1. Black and white t-shirts
  2. Black and blue jeans
  3. Pair of chinos or linen pants
  4. bomber or jean jacket
  5. white shoes

This contains no formal clothing as the average guy will not wear a suit on a daily basis. The items above are just the basics and you can add your own pieces on top of that to create your style.

  1. Black and white t-shirts

This one is simple. Black and white t-shirts can be worn on their own or can be used as the perfect base when layering. Don’t cheap out on the quality as these will be used regularly.

The fit: I would recommend experimenting with fitted and oversized shirts. Fitted clothing will be timeless, however, slightly oversized clothes will make you look more trendy. As you start building your wardrobe for men, you can add more colors.

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2. Black and blue jeans

Jeans if well maintained can last you a lifetime. Black jeans can be worn everyday without anyone noticing that you’re wearing the same thing and can be paired with virtually any top you want. Blue jeans will give you the classic look while still being a versatile item of clothing.

The fit that you choose is dependent on your own personal style but I prefer slim fit jeans over oversized jeans. [Mainly because I look like an ogre while wearing them!]

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3. A pair of chinos or linen trousers

Jeans may be nice to wear, but what if there is a special occasion or it’s a hot day out and you still want to wear pants?

A pair of chinos is a dressier alternative to jeans but will still be casual enough to wear on a daily basis. Opt for neutral colors as they will look good with anything else that you wear.

Linen trousers are breathable and comfortable while still looking effortlessly stylish. These are the perfect option for summer. Buy white linen trousers to begin with and expand from there! With this, you have the perfect foundation to start building a wardrobe.

4. Bomber or jean jacket

Wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans will get boring after a while, that’s why you can invest in a good jacket to add a layer of depth to your outfits. The type of jacket is all down to personal preference, but I really like to have a jean jacket and a bomber jacket.

[You can wear denim trousers and denim jacket together, however, make sure that they are two different shades or colors.]

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5. White leather shoes

A high quality pair of white leather shoes will last you a long time and can be used nearly daily. People will not notice if you wear plain white shoes everyday, however, ensure that you clean your shoes often as dirty sneakers are a faux pas.

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