How to apply fragrance correctly

Applying fragrance may seem like a simple enough task, however, a lot of people do it wrong and this can lead to your perfume not lasting long enough or not projecting well. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts when applying fragrance:


1. Don’t rub fragrance into your skin.

I’m sure that you’ve seen this plenty of times, especially amongst older people. When you rub fragrance onto your skin, you damage the perfume and can change the notes. You would ideally want to let the perfume lay on your skin without any friction.

2. Don’t walk through a cloud of perfume.

There is a caveat! If you want your fragrance to not be overpowering, you can use this method; however, if you want to maximise the strength of the scent and make it last as long as possible, you’d want to apply the perfume directly onto your skin.


1. Do apply moisturiser before using the perfume.

Applying perfume on dry skin will cause the fragrance to evaporate and fade away quicker. Applying a layer of moisturiser will give the fragrance something to grab onto, making your scent last longer. You should use unscented moisturisers at first and experiment with different fragrance combinations later on.

2. Do apply fragrance on your pulse points.

Your pulse points are naturally warmer than other parts of your body and will act as a natural diffuser. The scent will be able to project well and will be capable of fully developing.

3. Do shower before applying fragrance.

Showering will remove any smell that may clash with the perfume and change the notes. It will also open up your pores, hence allowing the scent to be absorbed.

4. Do apply a lot of sprays.

People tend to shy away from spraying a lot of perfume, thinking that the smell will be overbearing, but depending on the concentration of the fragrance, this is necessary! You need to experiment with the number of sprays to find the sweet spot. I tend to apply two sprays on my neck, one spray on my nape and one spray on my wrists.

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