Most attractive muscle groups

A lot of people start going to the gym only to improve their appearance. Although that should not be your main goal, it is undeniable that enhancing your physique is a great incentive. In this article we will focus on the upper body, however you should not neglect your legs! . Here is a list of the most attractive muscle groups:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Neck
  3. Back

This list may seem surprising and you may think that I have gone crazy, however hear me out. This list does not include the popular picks like the biceps and the chest because even though they are important, the three that I’ve chosen can drastically impact your physique.

  1. Shoulders

To kick things off with one of the more obvious choice and the most attractive muscle group, the shoulders. They give your physique a broader appearance, hence making you look stronger and more imposing. The classic superhero look always includes ridiculously large shoulders. They will also make your waist look smaller, hence making you look more muscular.

The shoulder can be divided into three heads (parts): the anterior deltoid (front part), the medial deltoid (middle area) and the posterior deltoid (rear part). Although achieving proper development of all three heads is crucial, the anterior deltoid already receives a lot of stimulus through chest training and the other two are often neglected.

The medial deltoid can be trained using any variation of a lateral raise and will give the body a wide appearance when viewing from from the front.

The posterior deltoid can be trained using wide grip rows or rear delt flies. Improving this muscle will give the body a thicker look when viewing from the side.

2. Neck

You most likely would not have expected to see the neck on a list of the most attractive muscle groups, however, it has rightfully earned its place here. The last thing you want is to have a pencil neck! A thicker neck makes you look more masculine and gives you a more robust appearance. It also has some benefits when it comes to contact sports as it helps you to absorb shocks better.

The neck can be trained using neck extensions and neck curls. Weight plates or a harness can be used to load the exercise.

3. Back

In gym bros’ minds, the back is often seen as inferior compared to the chest. However, it is the back that will give your body a wider appearance from the front and will make you look thicker from the side. The back is also more useful in sports and will be more helpful in your day-to-day life. A wider back will also make your waist look smaller, hence making you look more aesthetic.

The back has a lot of muscles however, the two muscles to focus on are the trapezius muscles (traps) and the latissimus dorsi (lats).

The traps can be trained using wide grip pulldowns, wide grip rows and shrugs while the lats can be trained using narrow grip rows and pulldowns. Although specific technique is required for each exercise, you can easily find demonstrations on YouTube.

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